If WoW ever gets a graphics update here’s what it could look like

While WoW Classic is capturing the hearts of its nostalgic players, others probably can’t help but dream about seeing a proper graphics update for Blizzard’s classic MMORPG. It’s not the likeliest of things to happen, but other MMO games are taking a shot at it. Black Desert Online already received a remastered version, and Blade and Soul has an Unreal Engine 4-powered graphical update in the making, so perhaps Blizzard will end up paying attention. There is definitely a market for it and a fan has taken it upon himself to show the possibilities of what a WoW graphics update could do.

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A fan named Daniel L on YouTube entirely remade World of Warcraft’s Stormwind City using the Unreal Engine 4. If you have ever wondered how WoW would look like if upgraded via the popular engine, this might be your only way to see it (for now, at least).

While the upgraded Stormwind City looks a lot better than the original, it doesn’t have a unanimously positive reception. Some users praise it for the excruciating attention to detail, while others say that it would get tiring quickly. The stylish and unique cartoon look of the original WoW is what makes it special, in the opinion of many players, so a graphics update of sorts would end up losing some of the magic found on the original work.

While it does look like a city that would be best suited to Elder Scrolls Online, for example, it remains to be a remarkable amount of work in its own right. The author said that it took him “many, many hours” to give Stormwind City this new look, adding that in a few days he will post a video showcasing the process behind the creation of the Trade District alone, at 5,000% speed.

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