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Modern Warfare ‘Classified’ Mode | What is the new mode at the main menu?

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted a new Modern Warfare “Classified” mode at the game’s main menu. In between “Multiplayer” and “Co-Op,” sits a new game mode that is currently locked. What is this mysterious new game type? Well, with recent rumors swirling around a potential battle royale mode, backed up by the Season 2 introduction video, and chatter about an upcoming “Warzone” BR, it’s clear that Infinity Ward and Activision are encouraging hype to build up until a big reveal. Here’s what you need to know about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “Classified” mode.

What is the new Modern Warfare “Classified” mode?

Modern Warfare 'Classified' Mode

While it isn’t yet officially confirmed, the general thinking amongst the community is that the new Modern Warfare “Classified” mode is Warzone battle royale.

Again, this is still to be treated as speculation, as neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have mentioned Warzone or battle royale as being part of the Season 2 content. With that said, the latest trailer for the game did show a very battle royale-esque scenario, with players fighting to escape the gas that was “closing in.” This all sounds very battle royale-like to us. The trailer also zooms out to reveal a very large map with players fighting on foot and in vehicles.

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The Modern Warfare “Classified” mode is therefore likely to be a placeholder, which will be replaced by “Warzone.” There isn’t yet a confirmed Warzone release date, but developer Infinity Ward has been quick to follow up trailer teasers with actual content. With that said, a battle royale mode is on a whole other scale, so it could be a long while yet.

Until the release of the rumored Warzone battle royale mode, the Modern Warfare “Classified” main menu mode will likely remain locked, keeping players curious about what’s next for the latest Call of Duty release.