What comes with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

Fans of Capcom’s long-running Street Fighter franchise are definitely no strangers to the concept of re-releases. Despite that, keeping track of multiple versions of the same game can prove to be confusing at times; especially when a supposedly definitive version (Street Fighter V: Champion Edition) doesn’t quite include absolutely all of the available content. The situation prompts an obvious question: What comes with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

In this guide, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about what’s included in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

What DLC comes bundled with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

What comes with Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition

Being the third Street Fighter V release and boasting “Champion Edition” as the subtitle, you’d be forgiven for assuming that this is the absolute definitive version of Capcom’s illustrious fighter. Alas, despite almost being able to lay claim to that mantle, the Champion Edition doesn’t include a number of in-game character costumes.

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What is included with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

What is not included with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

  • Fighting Chance costumes
  • Brand collaboration costumes
  • Capcom Pro Tour DLC:
    • Capcom Pro Tour costumes
    • Capcom Pro Tour stages

It’s unfortunate to see any content not make the cut, but especially that which belongs directly to Capcom. While the brand collaboration content might be wrapped up in legal issues, which is understandable, it’s harder to discern why the decision was made to neglect any additional content beyond that.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition launched today — Friday, February 14 — and is available on PS4 and PC (via Steam) for $29.99. If you already own Street Fighter 5 or Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, you can opt to purchase the Champion Edition Upgrade Kit for $24.99. Do keep in mind that the former presents a much superior value proposition to the latter, however.