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What are Pokemon Go Shadow Eggs?

Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go is updated frequently to keep players engaged, though, in advance of the latest patch, data-miners have managed to discover what’s set to be added ahead of time. One exciting addition scheduled to be made is an all-new type of egg. If you’ve already heard about the leak, then you’ve probably been left wondering: “What are Pokemon Go Shadow Eggs?” In this guide, we’ll aim to discern what the mysterious new eggs might entail.

What are Shadow Eggs in Pokemon Go?

What are Pokemon Go Shadow Eggs

Due to Shadow Eggs being leaked and having no official announcement behind them at the time of writing, it’s only possible to speculate on what they might be. There are currently four different types of eggs within Pokemon Go that all have different hatching requirements based on the distance that you need to travel with them in your possession. As such, it seems reasonable to assume that Shadow Eggs will be implemented as a fifth egg type.

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Since Shadow Pokemon — immediately denoted by their red eyes and purple aura — are generally more powerful than standard Pokemon, it could be the case that Shadow Eggs will require the furthest distance to be traveled in order to hatch them. The work likely won’t end there, however, as Shadow Pokemon all share the charged attack Frustration. If you want to teach them a new move instead, you’ll need to perform the in-game Purification process by utilizing Stardust and Candy, which can prove quite costly.

Purifying is generally worth the effort to secure an improved version of the Pokemon that’s now cleansed of darkness, though. If this is indeed how Pokemon Go Shadow Eggs will function, then getting the most out of them will require some serious dedication.