My Hero Academia Episode 82 Release Date

Ahh, nothing beats putting your feet up and relaxing with your favorite anime on the weekend. Thankfully, the incoming My Hero Academia episode 82 release date means you can do just that. In this guide, we’ll let you in on where and when you can watch the latest episode of the long-running anime, both subbed and dubbed. Discover the My Hero Academia Season 4 episode 19 release dates and times in the U.S. and U.K. below.

When is the My Hero Academia episode 82 release date?

My Hero Academia episode 82

Any last-minute delays or schedule changes notwithstanding, the My Hero Academia episode 82 release date will be Saturday, February 22, 2020. If you don’t see the episode listed at all on that day, checking up on relevant social media channels should let you in on any last-minute delays or schedule changes.

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Unlike most other anime series, My Hero Academia is simulcast around the world in both its subbed and dubbed format. Depending on the streaming platform you choose, that is. Episode 82 should also premiere at the same date and time, no matter where you live, or what platform you choose, too.

The My Hero Academia episode 82 release times are as follows:

  • 1:30 AM PT, February 22
  • 4:30 AM ET, February 22
  • 9:30 AM GMT, February 22
  • 10:30 AM CET, February 22

Funimation should be airing episode 82 of My Hero Academia both subbed and dubbed, but, for whatever reason, the English dub of the anime is two weeks behind. The delay could have something to do with the upcoming movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. For now, you can watch episode 82 subbed on either Funimation or Crunchyroll at the date and times listed above. It should be free to watch a week later (February 29) on both platforms. Refresh the page if you don’t see it listed right away.

My Hero Academia episode 82 English dub release time

My Hero Academia episode 82

Funimation should be streaming the English dub of episode 82, but the dub is currently facing an (at least) two-week delay. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the English dub format of the show will air online again. Hopefully, this delay doesn’t affect the penciled in March 28 Toonami air date.