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Hunt Showdown Crossplay | Is there cross-platform support?

Crytek’s unique PvPvE multiplayer horror game has been doing the rounds on PC and Xbox One for a while, but now the full retail version has finally rolled around and introduced the title to PS4. With another platform joining the mix and its passionate community growing, lots of people are wondering about the potential addition of Hunt Showdown crossplay.

Stick around to learn everything you need to know about Hunt Showdown cross-platform support, whether you’re playing the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

Is Hunt Showdown cross-platform?

Hunt Showdown crossplay

Currently, Hunt Showdown does not support crossplay. This means that PC, PS4, and Xbox gamers are all restricted to playing exclusively with those on the same platforms. That shouldn’t continue to be the case for long, however, as cross-platform support is scheduled to be added at an unspecified later date.

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While containing players within their own ecosystems has traditionally been the rule of thumb, the rising prevalence of cross-platform play has helped to bring friends together and keep online servers active for longer. As such, it’s proven very popular and is a feature that’s constantly in high demand nowadays. Thankfully, Hunt Showdown developer Crytek has elected to heed this feedback.

Once it’s been implemented in a future update, Hunt Showdown crossplay will allow PS4 and Xbox One owners to play together. At this point in time, cross-platform features are intended only for the console versions of Hunt Showdown. Presumably, this is due to the fact that PC players utilizing keyboard and mouse controls might have an unfair advantage over their controller-wielding console counterparts.

Whether an option for PC players to get in on the crossplay action might be added later, perhaps being accompanied by the implementation of an opt-in/opt-out toggle in the console versions, remains to be seen.