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Can you swap between Ghost and Shadow in Fortnite?

In Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite, developer Epic Games added a new mechanic where players must pledge their in-game allegiance to one of two factions — either Ghost or Shadow. It’s essentially a choice between black and white, or good and evil, and which you choose will dictate what versions of several Battle Pass skins you receive when leveling up your Tier. That’s cool and all, though being locked out of certain cosmetics is a completionist’s nightmare. With that in mind: Can you swap between Ghost and Shadow in Fortnite?

Can you switch between the Ghost and Shadow factions in Fortnite?

Can you swap between Ghost and Shadow in Fortnite

When initially presented with an in-game message pop-up titled “Choose a faction for Brutus!” you might have noticed the final point on the bulleted list:

Choose wisely: Your final choice is permanent!

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Unfortunately, the folks at Epic weren’t kidding. Once you’ve made your initial selection, it isn’t possible to switch between the Ghost and Shadow factions in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Knowing this, make absolutely certain that you’re sure about the decision you make. In essence, choosing Ghost will secure skins with a light color palette, whereas Shadow skins are far darker and more brooding.

Having to make this choice and, in the process, essentially opt out of some Battle Pass content isn’t going down well with all players. This Reddit thread asserts: “If I’m buying the [Battle Pass], I want to have the full content.” The OP isn’t alone in that opinion, with another user stating that as a completionist they’re “screaming internally,” which is a sentiment that others have echoed.

Some are even planning to purchase a second Battle Pass on an alternate account in order to complete their collections, although that only seems likely to encourage more divergent Fortnite Battle Pass content in the future by boosting sales and engagement.

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