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Fortnite Helicopters Location | Can you fly choppers?

The arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has brought heaps of new content to Epic Games’ immensely popular battle royale title. Ahead of the update’s release, however, leaked images pertaining to new points of interest on the map seemed to suggest that choppers could be making their way to the game. Now that the latest patch is out and we’ve had time to explore the new locations, have Fortnite helicopters been added to the game or are they still MIA?

Can you fly helicopters in Fortnite?

Fortnite helicopters

Despite the above image (courtesy of @FNBRLeaksTV) seemingly hinting that there would be a pilotable helicopter on the helipad of the new Secret Lair map location, in our experience, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be there. We’ve traveled to the helipad after installing the Chapter 2 Season 2 update and only ever found it to be empty. While it could be possible that another player had already taken it, the lack of any confirmation or helicopter gameplay emerging online would indicate that flyable choppers still aren’t in the game at this point in time.

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Not yet, at least, as it’s still entirely possible that Epic could add helicopters to Fortnite as flyable vehicles in the future. There’s certainly no shortage of fan demand, which has been around since roaming choppers started appearing in Fortnite a while back. Those couldn’t be flown, but players are hopeful that things will be different the next time they spot a whirlybird in-game.

In the meantime, there’s no harm in prioritizing landing at the Secret Lair — the small island in the center of the map, if you didn’t know —just in case the helicopter can appear as an incredibly rare spawn.

You should also be sure to stick with GameRevolution, as we’ll bring you any news on pilotable Fortnite helicopters as and when it breaks.

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