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Rune Factory 4 | How to tame monsters

Taming monsters in Rune Factory 4 can provide significant benefits you won’t want to miss. Learning how to capture monsters seems easy on the surface, but as you encounter more powerful creatures, it becomes tougher.

Below we’ll show you how to tame animals and move them to your Monster Barn. We’ll also show you how to tell if a monster is uncapturable.

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How do I tame a monster in Rune Factory 4?

Rune Factory 4 Tame Monster Capture Hearts

Taming your first monster in Rune Factory 4 isn’t too tricky. First of all, you need to use the Order Symbol to build a Monster Barn. Until you have a barn, you can’t capture any creatures, so make sure you get one before you set out.

You should be able to afford a barn within a few days of starting the game. Just make sure to begin shipping some Turnips early and collect all the stone and lumber you can.

The easiest and most useful monsters to capture early on are Woolys and Cluckadoodles. Fortunately, these creatures are straightforward to please. To tame a beast, just throw something good at it. For easy monsters like the two above, pretty much anything will work.

When you gift a monster an item, a bubble will appear above its head. The bubble will either expand into a heart, meaning you’ve tamed it, or a skull and crossbones, which means your attempt failed.

Once you’ve tamed a creature, you can interact with it and send it back to your barn. If the attempt failed, leave the screen and come back and try again. Once you get the Monster Brush, you can increase your odds of taming a monster by brushing it before you throw the item at it.

How do you tell if a monster is untamable in Rune Factory 4?


Most monsters in Rune Factory 4 can be tamed, but not all of them. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to figure out which ones you can’t tame.

To find out if a monster can be tamed, equip the Monster Brush and use it on a creature. If there’s no reaction at all, then you can’t capture that particular monster.