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Rune Factory 4 Dungeon Seed Location | How to grow a Field Dungeon

To get a Field Dungeon in Rune Factory 4, you’ll need to grow it. However, you’ll have to find the seeds first, which is a journey in and of itself. The Dungeon Seeds are only available for a limited amount of time each season, so you’ll need to be mindful of the date and be prepared to seek them out.

We’ll show you where to find Dungeon Seeds in Rune Factory 4. We’ll also tell you the best way to grow a Field Dungeon and what to expect when you venture inside.

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Rune Factory 4 Dungeon Seeds location

Rune Factory 4 Dungeon Seed Locations Demon's Den

To find the location of the Dungeon Seeds in Rune Factory 4, you’ll need to have unlocked the Sercezero Hill area. You won’t be able to get to this location until you start the second story arc and pass through the wintery Maya Road.

Once you have access to Sercezero Hill, you’ll need to wait until it’s Day 1-5 of a season to access the Demon’s Den area where the Field Dungeon seeds are found.

To get to Demon’s Den go to the first Sercezero Hill save point (the one near Spring Field) and follow these directions:

  • South
  • Southwest
  • South
  • West

Usually, the cave you find on the last screen is blocked, but from Day 1 through 5 of each season, you can enter it. This is Demon’s Den, and you’ll have to solve a small puzzle here to find the Field Dungeon seeds.

Rune Factory 4 Demon’s Den Puzzle Solution

Rune Factory 4 Demon's Den Magnuto

When you take the stairs down from the first screen in Demon’s Den, you’ll see two holes with a sign in between them. The sign asks whether or not you’re a woman, and tells you to jump down the hole that corresponds with your answer.

The demon here is looking for a wife, so you’ll need to take the holes that correspond with the answers you think would make good qualities in a wife, regardless of whether they’re true or not.

The solution to the Demon’s Den puzzle is:

  • Prompt: If you are female, jump into the left hole. If you are male, jump into the right.
    • Answer: Jump into the left hole.
  • Prompt: If cooking is what you do best, jump into the left hole. If it’s not, jump into the right.
    • Answer: Jump into the left hole.
  • Prompt: If you are a thing of beauty, leap into the left hole. If you are nothing to behold, go right.
    • Answer: Jump into the left hole.

So, basically, jump into the left hole three times.

If you jump into the wrong hole, it’s not too big a deal. You’ll have to fight a group of enemies (or you can choose not to), then use the Escape spell to warp back to the entrance of Demon’s Den and try again.

Once you jump down the left hole three times, you’ll meet Magnuto. Magnuto is a demon who is looking for a wife and devised the puzzle in the cave to find the right one. You can’t actually marry him, so get ready to whoop him instead.

This isn’t a tough fight. Just avoid Magnuto’s aerial stomps and beat on him with abandon till he goes down.

When you take him down, Magnuto regrets his behavior, and as an apology, he provides you with Dungeon Seeds.

How to grow a Field Dungeon in Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 Dungeon Seed Description

Now that you have Dungeon Seeds, you can plant your very own Field Dungeon. Field Dungeons are incredibly useful for farming items in Rune Factory 4 and are the key to getting Sword Flower Seeds and Shield Flower Seeds, which let you grow two very useful pieces of gear.

Growing a Field Dungeon is the same as tending any other crop in Rune Factory 4. Clear some land, make sure the soil is healthy, and plant the Dungeon Seeds. Typically, it will take 18 days for a Field Dungeon to sprout from a Dungeon Seed, but you can speed this up dramatically by using Formula A, B, or C.

I recommend raising your Chemistry level to the point where you can craft Formula A. Once you can craft these, just sprinkle one on your Field Dungeon each day to make it grow faster.

How to get higher level Dungeon Seeds in Rune Factory 4

The types of enemies and bosses you find in your Field Dungeon in Rune Factory 4 depends on the level of the Dungeon Seeds you plant. The seeds you get from Magnuto (and the Dungeon Seeds you can buy from the store after completing the “Complete Field Dungeon” request) are only Level 1. However, there’s an easy way to increase the level of your Dungeon Seeds, though it will make your Field Dungeon temporarily unavailable.

Once you’ve grown a Field Dungeon and completed it, you can reclaim the Dungeon Seeds from it by using a sickle on it. In my experience, each time you grow and complete a Field Dungeon and reap it with a sickle, the Dungeon Seed level will increase by one.

Just make sure you aren’t biting off more than you can chew by leveling up your Field Dungeon. The difficulty increase between seed levels can be pretty high.

How do you complete a Field Dungeon in Rune Factory 4?

Rune Factory 4 Field Dungeon Boss

Field Dungeons are structured somewhat differently than other areas in Rune Factory 4. Each time you enter a Field Dungeon, the layout will be randomized. Unlike other locations in the game, when you defeat enemies in a Field Dungeon, they stay dead. The objective is to fight your way to a mini-boss on each level. When you beat this mini-boss, a portal will appear that will teleport you to the next level.

Each Field Dungeon has four levels. On the last level, there is a boss you have to fight. Beating the boss will typically give you either Sword Flower Seeds or Shield Flower Seeds, and the level of those seeds corresponds with the level of the Field Dungeon. Once you defeat the boss of a Field Dungeon, a portal will appear that allows you to exit back to your fields.

You can replay your Field Dungeon as many times as you want, and later in the game, it’s probably the best way to farm random items. You won’t always get a great haul, but you’ll at least get some decent things to sell for around five minutes of your time.