Devil May Cry 3 Dante T-Pose Bug | How to fix

Devil May Cry 3 Dante t-pose bug is frustrating players of this newly-released version of a classic brawler game. Unfortunately, this bug is causing Devil May Cry 3 save data corruption, but there’s a way to keep your game from getting messed up.

A Reddit on the /r/DevilMayCry subreddit details the problem. If your save data gets corrupted by this bug, you’ll notice that Dante is stuck in a t-pose. Weapons may be mislabeled, the mission selection will show nonexistent missions, and trying to switch to guns can just outright crash the game. It’s a real downer for this revival of a classic challenging game, but you can prevent any permanent damage happening if you’re careful.

How do I fix the Devil May Cry 3 Dante t-pose bug?

Devil May Cry 3 Dante T-Pose bug big ol' sword

There’s good news and bad news about the Devil May Cry 3 Dante t-pose bug. The bad news is that there doesn’t yet seem to be a way to actually fix this bug if you’ve already been affected by it. The good news is that you can prevent any save data corruption from happening in the first case.

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According to the Redditor who described the problem, this is how the problem is caused:

  1. Play the Vergil campaign.
  2. Immediately load a freestyle Dante file.
  3. Your Dante save file is now corrupted.

Until a fix comes out, you’re going to want to avoid doing this. Thankfully, there’s a very easy fix, and that is related to step number two.

If you’re playing the Vergil campaign, do not immediately load a freestyle Dante file afterward. If you want to switch to your freestyle Dante file, close down the game entirely, reboot it, and then select your Dante game. If you do things this way, you can avoid the Devil May Cry 3 Dante t-pose bug.

This sounds like some kind of memory leak issue, so hopefully the developers will be able to make a fix. In the meantime, don’t carelessly switch between save files or you could end up with a permanently-corrupted game.