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No Man’s Sky Blurry Clouds Fix | How to fix fuzzy textures

While No Man’s Sky is known for its vibrant landscapes, differing wildly from planet to planet, the visual experience isn’t always perfect. Though the majority of players are likely satisfied with the game’s graphical qualities, there are others who have been demanding a No Man’s Sky blurry clouds fix. Even after the huge amount of support developer Hello Games has given the game after launch, there are bound to still be some niggles and bugs that require squashing. The fuzzy textures of the clouds are one of those problems, at least until recently. Here’s what you need to know about the No Man’s Sky blurry clouds fix.

Is there a No Man’s Sky blurry clouds fix?

No Man's Sky Blurry Clouds Fix

It’s honestly become something of a meme, with stubborn commenters responding to official No Man’s Sky news and updates with questions about the “blurry clouds” and “are they getting fixed?” Despite how this may now be a big joke, the clouds in No Man’s Sky can occasionally look a little blurry, depending on the planet that you are on, or when viewed from space.

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Thankfully, for those complaining about blurry clouds in No Man’s Sky, a recent update tweaked the “cloud rendering.”

The relevant patch notes bullet point was as follows:

  • Introduced some smaller optimizations and visual fixes to cloud rendering.

So Hello Games finally acknowledged the No Man’s Sky blurry clouds and rolled out a fix to try and make the visuals look better.

Here’s hoping the blurry clouds fix finally satisfies those who have been complaining, allowing them to enjoy the game and its many beautiful clouds.

If your clouds are still blurry, we’d recommend ensuring that the Living Ship update has been installed. If you’re on PC, try tweaking your Graphics Settings and/or updating your drivers to the latest version.