Dragon Quest of the Stars iOS Bug | Language error fix

The Dragon Quest mobile game, titled Dragon Quest of the Stars, has finally received a global release after spending a period of time as a Japan-exclusive title. Players with Android mobile devices are currently enjoying taking their first steps into the JRPG, but some of those with Apple smartphones and tablets aren’t having as easy a time of it. That’s largely due to an unfortunate Dragon Quest of the Stars iOS bug that’s affecting certain people depending on the language they speak.

If you’re experiencing Dragon Quest of the Stars issues on iOS and have your device language set to French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish — or one of several unspecified languages — here’s what you need to do to fix the problem.

Dragon Quest of the Stars iOS issues fix

Dragon Quest of the Stars iOS bug

Dragon Quest of the Stars developer Square Enix has acknowledged the issues currently affecting iOS players, along with the fact that they’re resultant of which language an iPhone or iPad is set to. The company claims to be “in the midst of fixing this” and hopes to “push out the fix ASAP.”

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Until that patch arrives, as seen in the tweet below, the official Dragon Quest Twitter account (@DragonQuest) suggests temporarily switching your device language to English in order to make the game playable.

How to change iOS device language to English and play Dragon Quest of the Stars

  • Tap the “Settings” app on your Apple device’s Home screen
  • Navigate to the “General” tab
  • Locate and tap “Language & Region”
  • Touch “iPhone Language” or “iPad Language,” depending on which you’re using
  • Select any option labeled “English” in the list
    • What’s in the parentheses (UK, US, etc.) shouldn’t matter
  • Press “Done” and then “Continue”
  • After a brief wait on a black screen with the text “Setting Language…” displayed, you’re all done

After changing your device language to English, boot up the game and you should find that this Dragon Quest of the Stars iOS bug has now been squashed. Once a patch has been released to officially address the issue, it should be safe to switch back to your preferred language and keep playing the game.