Is the PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack a Scam?

If you’ve been playing the game a lot, you may well have come across the PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack. With seemingly no sign of the Coin Ultimate Pack in-game, however, you’re probably wondering “is the PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack a scam?” In this guide, we’ll let you in on whether the Coin Ultimate Pack in PUBG Mobile is a scam or not. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry with these things.

Is the PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack a Scam?

PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack

Yes, the PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack is a scam. Do not be fooled by anything promoting the website, or the website of the same name. It’s almost certainly a scam, most likely a phishing scam. Whatever you do, don’t head to the PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack website. You won’t get free Battle Points from it, and you might find yourself losing money for no reason. It’s completely unsafe.

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The Coin Ultimate Pack website for PUBG Mobile promises you that you will receive free Battle Points to spend in-game. You won’t get any. You’ll be asked to verify that you are a human… by telling them your email address and bank details (instant red flags here). If you have filled in your details on the site already, you won’t ever get a Coin Ultimate Pack. The item doesn’t exist in PUBG Mobile. Avoid the website like the plague.

You might be unlucky enough to receive real-enough looking emails from the scammers, too. If you or someone you know receive an email like the one from this Reddit thread, it is a scam. You have not bought a Coin Ultimate Pack for PUBG Mobile. Don’t click the link for “Cancel And Manage Subscriptions” or “Report a Problem.” Hovering over the links will let you see that the URLs are not from Apple. Check-in with Apple and your bank to make sure you haven’t paid for the item if you want to make sure you haven’t been scammed for some of your hard-earned cash.