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How to download the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is available to play right now, with Square Enix making the trial of the upcoming JRPG available to download on PS4. But how do you download the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo?

With it missing on some storefronts, some players are finding it a little tricky to figure out how to get the demo onto their PS4s. Here’s how to download the FF7R demo:

How can I download and play the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo?

Square Enix announced early this morning that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo was available to download on the PlayStation Store. However, the icon is still missing from the PS Store in some regions.

Currently, the US PlayStation Store isn’t advertising the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo. The UK PlayStation Store features the demo in its ‘What’s Hot’ section, though doesn’t appear in searches for the game.

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In order to download and play the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo, you should click the link supplied by Square Enix right here. This will take you to the PlayStation Store website, where you can select the demo to download.

Can you download on Xbox One and PC?

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake remains a PS4 exclusive, despite rumors that it would be making its way to other platforms such as the Xbox One and PC. As such, the demo is only available to download on the PS4.

What’s in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo?

The demo transports players to the beginning of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, allowing them to play through the iconic Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission.

The demo’s description notes that progress made in it can’t be carried over to the retail version of the game, and that content may differ from the retail version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo download size

The demo weighs in at a reasonable 7.593 GB, so you won’t have to clear up much hard drive space in order to install it on your PS4.