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Fortnite Scoped Assault Rifle Legendary and Epic variants leaked

The Fortnite Scoped Assault Rifle has been leaked to coincide with the game’s 12.10 update today, highlighting the returning AR weapon that will likely soon be available in-game. The leak suggests that the weapon will be available in Epic and Legendary variants, as opposed to the Uncommon and Rare variants it was previously available in.

The Scoped Assault Rifle offers burst rounds and, as the name suggests, features a scope. This allows it to pull off good damage at long range, though it also consumes a lot of ammunition.

The description for the Fortnite Scoped Assault Rifle reads:

  • Assault Weapon: Precision Burst
    • A burst-fire tactical assault rifle featuring a scope. Good damage and impact at long range, but consumes a lot of ammunition.

The Scoped Assault Rifle was vaulted in the 11.0 update, but according to leaker HYPEX, data for the rifle has been found in the game’s code. It’s unclear if the weapon is available in the 12.10 update, or if it has simply been updated and will be unvaulted in a previous patch, but either way it looks like the weapon will be receiving a formidable upgrade when it makes its way back to the battle royale.

HYPEX’s tweet can be viewed below:

The full patch notes for the Fortnite 12.10 update have yet to be released, with Epic continuing to keep quiet about its plans until each update has dropped. This means that it may take players a while to discover if the Scoped Assault Rifle is currently useable in-game, or if they’ll be left waiting a while to get their hands on the returning weapon.

Either way, it’s always nice to see a new Legendary make its way to Fortnite, so players will undoubtedly be happy to hear that this top-tier weapon will be making its return after being cast into the shadows of the vault.