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Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition Bundle | What’s included?

Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment first launched Apex Legends as a digital-only title, though ever since it achieved a massive level of success they’ve taken to releasing a variety of physical editions based on some of the most popular characters. These alternative versions of Apex Legends all feature exclusive cosmetics relating to their eponymous cover stars, so it’s unlikely that the upcoming Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition bundle will be any different.

In this guide, we’ll make an educated guess as to the leaked bundle’s contents based on what was included in previous character-specific editions of Apex Legends.

What is in the Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition bundle?

Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition bundle

As touched upon in the intro, Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition hasn’t yet received an official announcement. We know it’s coming based on data uncovered in the game’s code by ever-reliable leaker Shrugtal, and, although they haven’t been able to uncover what exclusive content is included just yet, it’s possible to come up with a fair estimate based on past form.

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Again, just to reiterate, the following is speculation and will be updated if necessary when the official bundle content is revealed.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition contents

  • Apex Legends game
  • Exclusive Pathfinder character skin
  • Exclusive weapon skin
  • Exclusive gun charm
  • Exclusive badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Lifeline and Bloodhound versions of the game included an exclusive banner, whereas the Octane Edition did not. Bearing this in mind, the Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition may or may not also include a banner.

As with past bundles, it’s likely that the exclusive cosmetics will all subscribe to a uniting theme that’ll have you and your account looking coordinated and extra spiffy in-game.

An Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition release date is currently unknown, though it’s likely to arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in both digital and physical format.