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When is the FIFA 20 1.17 Update?

When is the FIFA 20 1.17 update coming out? EA has detailed a number of its plans to introduce FIFA 20 online connectivity issues fixes and improvements, but there was no sign of these fixes in the previous, version 1.16 update. When is the FIFA 20 online connectivity and responsiveness update? Read on to find out when we could, at last, be seeing the recently-touted online connectivity update. Discover its release date and time below.

When is the FIFA 20 1.17 update coming out?

when is the fifa 20 1.17 update

If you’re someone who frequents the online matches and tournaments of FIFA 20, you’ll know that it is home to more than a few connectivity and responsiveness issues. These were brought to a head when pros decided to play rock-paper-scissors to decide the winner when they couldn’t connect online, as detailed by the BBC. Hopefully, we could be seeing the online issues improved in the next FIFA 20 March update. When is the FIFA 20 1.17 update coming out? By the end of March 2020 (we hope). Unfortunately, we don’t know when.

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Thankfully, as detailed in an official EA blog post, the developer is aware of the online problems and is actively working on fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, none of these fixes were present in the 1.16 update. The development team is currently studying the online connectivity and responsiveness issues in the game, looking at real-world data from us players.

The current study is of button responsiveness while playing online. A select group of players now have an overlay present when they’re playing online. This shows them and EA Sports the timing of button presses to when the desired actions take place.

We could be seeing online fixes in these areas soon, or later on (potentially within FIFA 21):

  • Button responsiveness
  • Connectivity issues

Hopefully, these live studies can help fix some of the online issues FIFA 20 faces. If not, however, the 1.17 update should provide us with more gameplay updates, bug fixes, and player faces.