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Escape from Tarkov Purified Water Crafting | How to get Purified Water

Purified Water in Escape from Tarkov is an immensely useful item. You can find Superwater when scavenging, but crafting it is the best and easiest way to get it.

Below you can find out what Purified Water does for you in Escape from Tarkov. We’ll also show you how to craft it, what you can get from trading it, and what you can craft with it.

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What does Purified Water (Superwater) do in Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Purified Water Superwater

Purified Water can be used as a crafting item, but it’s a useful item by itself.

Using Purified Water takes 15 seconds. When you drink it, you’ll cure Toxication and Radiation Exposure status effects and gain the following:

  • Increase Energy: +25
  • Increase Hydration: +100

You’ll also get the following buffs:

  • Increase Attention Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Endurance Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Health Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Health Regeneration +1 (60 Second Duration)
  • Increase Immunity Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Intellect Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Memory Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Metabolism Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Perception Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Strength Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Stress Resistance Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)
  • Increase Vitality Skill +1 (600 Second Duration)

How do I craft Purified Water (Superwater) in Escape from Tarkov?

To craft Purified Water in Escape from Tarkov, you need to upgrade your Water Collector to level 3. Once you’ve done that, you can use a Water Filter to start crafting.

It takes 64/100 HP of a Water Filter 5 hours and 25 minutes to produce one Purified Water. One thing to remember before you start the process is that the process can bug out. Sometimes it will restart the crafting process when you switch filters out, so make sure your Water Filter has at least 64/100 HP, or it’ll potentially be wasted.

What can I craft with Purified Water in Escape from Tarkov?

Purified Water can be used to craft two very useful items. The most valuable of these is the “Fierce Hatchling” moonshine.

Fierce Hatchling Moonshine Recipe

To make Fierce Hatchling Moonshine, add the following to your Booze Generator:

  • 2 Packs of Sugar
  • 1 Purified Water

Once those items are added, it should take 3 hours and 3 minutes to produce one unit of Fierce Hatchling Moonshine.

Aquamari (Water Bottle with a Filter) Recipe

The hydrating effects of Purified Water can be enhanced even further with this simple recipe you can make with the Nutrition Unit Level 3:

  • 1 Purified Water (Superwater)
  • 1 Silicone Tube

The Aquamari takes only 1 hour and 17 minutes to produce and restores a staggering 350 units of hydration.

What can I trade Purified water for in Escape from Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov Purified Water Trade

Purified Water is currently required for two trades in Escape from Tarkov. Both the following trades require you to visit the Therapist and have a level 3 reputation.

Trade Purified Water for RB-AK Key

You can trade the following to the Therapist for the RB-AK Key:

  • 6 Purified Water (Superwater)
  • 5 Water filter (100/100 HP)

The RB-AK Key can be used to unlock the door on the west side of the northern apartment building on the Reserve map.

Trade Purified Water for a Keytool

You can trade the following to the Therapist for the very useful Keytool:

  • 8 Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • 6 Saline Solution (NaCl)
  • 5 Purified Water (Superwater)

The Keytool is a special container you can store up to 15 keys in that takes up only one inventory block. You can throw all your keys in it and place it in your protected container, and you’ll never have to worry about switching out keys again.