Modern Warfare Not Getting XP After Match | Is there a fix?

If you’re suffering from the Modern Warfare “Not getting XP after match” bug, with the game failing to reward you with any experience at the end of a round, know that you’re not alone. For some reason, players are now stuck on the same rank, unable to progress due to a weird Modern Warfare 0 XP bug. Here’s what you need to know about a potential “No XP” fix, with comments from developer Infinity Ward on the current situation.

Why am I not getting XP on Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare Not Getting XP After Match

Leveling up to unlock new weapons and other equipment is one of the main draws of Call of Duty, and what makes it so addicting. Therefore, it’s understandable why players are miffed at Modern Warfare not giving XP after matches are over. No XP means no leveling up, which is bound to be disappointing.

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As for why this is happening: it’s not clear. Infinity Ward has sent out two tweets acknowledging the problem and saying that it is working to fix it.

While it’s great to see a developer being transparent about what it’s working on, there isn’t yet an ETA for when the No XP bug will be fixed.

Until Infinity Ward rolls out a fix, players will have to suffer through lost experience. It’s unclear if that experience will be calculated and awarded retroactively, once the fix has been implemented.

Keep an eye out for future hotfixes and updates to Modern Warfare, as they may contain the fix for players not getting XP at the end of a match. Until then, know that you might not get XP for your performance in-game. (It might also be a good idea to avoid completing Challenges and Objectives, as they might not give you the XP reward.)