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Is there a Call of Duty: Warzone Switch release date?

Call of Duty: Warzone has officially launched, with the new Modern Warfare battle royale making its way to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But when is the Warzone Switch release date? Will the new standalone CoD BR game make its way to Nintendo’s console.

When is the Call of Duty: Warzone Switch release date?

Warzone is cross-play, meaning that players across platforms can take on one another. While those who own the free-to-play game will be able to play against their friends on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Nintendo Switch owners are currently left out of the fold.

This is because much like Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Warzone isn’t available to play on the Switch. As such, there is currently no Call of Duty: Warzone Switch release date.

Warzone Switch, iPhone, and Android release?

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Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Warzone won’t ever launch on the Nintendo Switch. However, it is more difficult for Activision and Infinity Ward to bring Warzone over to the Switch than it was for Epic Games to bring Fortnite to the handheld console.

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Given the Switch’s graphical limitations, Warzone would need a significant downgrade to be released on the Switch. This can happen, but considering that Warzone utilizes Modern Warfare‘s advanced new graphics engine, it seems unlikely that the Switch could handle Warzone in a capacity that would be considered acceptable by modern standards.

While we’ve seen visually impressive games like The Witcher 3 brought to the Switch, Warzone and its multiplayer focus would be a much trickier prospect for a port.

With that being said, Call of Duty: Mobile has brought a version of the game to iOS and Android. While it’s a separate game with its own battle royale mode, the popularity of Warzone could lead to mobile’s own version of the new BR mode, which could potentially be carried over to the Nintendo Switch as a standalone release.

These are hypothetical scenarios, though, and the Switch’s avoidance of the Call of Duty series thus far suggests there are no plans to bring Warzone to the console in the near future.