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Call of Duty Warzone Incoming Transmission Fix

Some players are having issues getting past the Call of Duty Warzone Incoming Transmission message on Modern Warfare‘s main menu. An image of a lock and the words “Incoming Transmission” have replaced the previous Classified tab, and this is where you should be able to launch Warzone. If you find yourself without the option to play the new mode on the main menu of Modern Warfare, there is a fix available.

How to fix the Modern Warfare Warzone Incoming Transmission bug

Call of Duty Warzone Main Menu Incoming Transmission

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When you see the Incoming Transmission message instead of Warzone on the main menu of Modern Warfare, it means you haven’t downloaded the latest patch and updated yet. There are a few reasons this message may pop up, all of which are easily fixed.

The most probable cause of the Incoming Transmission message preventing you from accessing Warzone is that you haven’t completely downloaded the patch yet. PS4 users, take note, you have to not only allow the patch to download, but you also have to allow it to go through its lengthy copying process. Warzone won’t be accessible until the update is completely installed.

Alternatively, Modern Warfare may not have triggered its menu update correctly. This most often occurs if you’ve accidentally left the game open while a patch was installing. If you’re absolutely sure the latest update is installed, quit out of Modern Warfare and relaunch it. More often than not, you’ll get the message that an update is available, and you’ll have to restart to install it. After this process occurs, you should see Warzone pop up in the place of the Incoming Transmission tab.

If you have the patch installed and you restart the game and still don’t get the option to do a menu update, restart your console or PC and try again. That should almost certainly solve the issue for you. If, after that, you still don’t see the new mode, be patient. There may be an issue with crowded servers that is preventing the update from triggering. Just try again later.