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Call of Duty Warzone Solo and Duos | Can you only play Trios?

If you’re a BR fan, you’re likely looking for the option to play Solo or Duos in Warzone. Unfortunately, it’s not immediately apparent what modes are available, and at first glance, it looks like Call of Duty: Warzone only has trios. What are you to do if you want to play alone or with just one other friend?

Unfortunately for those who don’t want to play Modern Warfare Warzone in a squad, you don’t really have many options. We’ll go into whether Solo or Duos mode is available below.

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Is there a Call of Duty Warzone Solo mode?

Call of Duty warzone Solo Mode

Unfortunately, Call of Duty Warzone doesn’t have a Solo mode. You don’t have to stick with your squad, so technically, you can go solo whenever you want to. However, your odds of success will be very low since everyone else will still be playing together.

The only time you truly go solo in the mode is when you die and enter the Gulag. When that happens, you’re genuinely on your own. Otherwise, the game will always pair you with two other players, whether you like it or not.

Can you play Duos in Warzone?

There’s also not a Duos mode available in Modern Warfare Warzone either, unfortunately. Again, you could join a game with a friend and ditch your teammate. However, that would put you at a disadvantage against every other squad in the game that remains a trio. Also, it would make you a bad person.

It’s also possible to get stuck as a duo if you uncheck “Fill Squad” in the matchmaking lobby. This immediately puts you at a disadvantage, so you should really avoid it if you want a chance to win.

Will Solo and Duos mode be added to Warzone?

Pretty much every battle royale that’s stuck around for a while has added Solo and Duos at some point. It would definitely be strange if this were different.

We’ll likely see a Modern Warfare Warzone Solos and Duos mode added at some point in the near future. Once the game has successfully launched, and the kinks are worked out, Activision will likely start planning new modes.