How to download Fallout Shelter Online for iOS and Android

The sequel to Bethesda’s popular Fallout Shelter mobile game is already out in China, though it’s only recently been confirmed to be heading to the West. With that exciting news in mind, fans of the post-apocalyptic simulation series are desperate to know how to download Fallout Shelter Online for iOS and Android devices.

In this guide, we’ll let you know your options when it comes to downloading the application ahead of its launch.

How to download Fallout Shelter Online on iOS

how to download Fallout Shelter Online

Since the news that Fallout Shelter Online is coming to Western Apple App Stores is still fresh, the game hasn’t been listed in several regions just yet. One location where it is currently listed is the Philippines, however, which confirms that it’ll be a free download and weigh in at 1.2 GB.

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It’s also available to pre-order free of charge in the region and, presumably, will be in others following its official listing. What this means is that an icon — relating to Fallout Shelter Online, in this case — will appear on your Home screen but be inaccessible until you’re prompted to download the finished app on launch day.

How to download Fallout Shelter Online on Android

how to download Fallout Shelter Online

The Android version of Fallout Shelter Online is already available for pre-registration via the Google Play Store on compatible Android devices. Doing so is completely free, and will cause your Android phone or tablet to send a push notification to download the full version of the game once it’s released.

When the full version of Fallout Shelter Online will be available in the West is currently unknown in an official capacity, although, if you checked out the Philippines iOS listing above, you might’ve noticed that it references an “expected” date of April 22, 2020. Whether or not that’s accurate remains to be seen.