Is there a Call of Duty: Mobile Warzone mode release date?

CoD: Mobile has taken iOS and Android by storm, earning its publisher, Activision, lots of money in the progress. Now that mobile gaming is the company’s most lucrative sector, will it bring the similarly successful (having beaten Fortnite‘s launch numbers) standalone Call of Duty: Warzone to mobile? Here’s everything you need to know about the introduction of a potential Call of Duty: Mobile Warzone mode for Android and iOS.

Is Warzone coming to Call of Duty: Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile Warzone mode

With CoD: Warzone immediately proving popular on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, mobile gamers are chomping at the bit to learn whether they’ll be able to get in on the action. Unfortunately, at this stage, there’s been no word from Activision regarding plans for a Call of Duty: Warzone mobile experience. As such, there’s no known Call of Duty: Mobile Warzone mode release date to share.

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While a current lack of plans — plans known to the public, at any rate — doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen, since Call of Duty: Mobile already has its own battle royale mode bringing Warzone across might not be a priority. The two modes boast different mechanics, sure, but they also share much of the same base battle royale DNA.

It’s possible that Activision doesn’t see the value in bringing Warzone to mobile, or potentially even wants to pour resources into maintaining two separate strains of Call of Duty battle royale in order to diversify and cater to more players. This is speculation, of course, and whatever’s happening behind the scenes one thing’s for sure: demand for a Call of Duty: Mobile Warzone mode is high.

Only time will tell whether the Call of Duty: Warzone experience will come to CoD: Mobile for iOS and Android, potentially as a battle royale ruleset variant, so stick with GameRevolution for updates.