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Nioh 2 Mezuki | How to beat

The Nioh 2 Mezuki boss fight is your first big mandatory test in the game as it is the first major fight you need to do. Given how it is early, you may have trouble doing it. Fear not, as here is how to beat Mezuki in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Mezuki | How to beat

nioh 2 mezuki

Mezuki is a good place to get yourself acclimated to how the game encourage to play so it’s great to use this along with these helpful tips before you start. While you can get it later, you can get the “Grazer Eraser” trophy for killing Gozuki and Mezuki in the same level if you also killed Gozuki. Mezuki is also weak toward fire (so fire Onmyo magic or Ninjutsu items would help) and resistant to poison, water, lightning, paralysis, and corruption.

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Mezuki is a little like its brother in that it isn’t too hard if you are patient. Its most basic attack is a horizontal swipe that is usually followed up with another swipe (and sometimes a third one). You can easily block these or dodge them too before getting a few hits in. Just be careful because if you do too many, it’ll quickly swipe at you with its hand. Don’t get greedy.

Sometimes the second hit will be an overhead Burst Attack so be ready to Burst Counter instead. It’s one of the easier moves to Burst Counter and it’ll heavily reward you if you land it. If you dodge it or if it misses, you can move in to get a few hits in. Its other Burst Attack is a flurry of overhead hits. Also be ready for this one as it can come out of nowhere. The third Burst Attack is an incredibly quick horn charge that it’ll do once it glows red and scrapes its feet on the ground. This one is very difficult to avoid or see coming so be ready to try to block it or Burst Counter it.

If you get a little bit away from it, it’ll shoot ghosts out at you. Just move sideways or block them.

The grab move, which glows white, is devastating so don’t always get too close. Be sure to dodge out of the way on this one but it tends to try to grab you when you are not very close for some reason.

When in the Yokai realm, its arm will grow and it’ll gain a new attack that includes shooting shockwaves at you. These are quick, but easy to block or dodge.

Once its down, go over and perform a finisher with the Triangle button. Hopefully, you’ve gotten this down because both horse bosses show up a lot much later in the game.