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Escape from Tarkov Error checking the launcher update fix

There’s yet another Escape from Tarkov error preventing players from joining the game. An error checking the launcher update appears when trying to load the game from the Battlestate Games launcher. Unsurprisingly, this error prevents players from logging in. What does this Escape from Tarkov launcher error mean, and how can it be fixed? Read on to learn more.

Escape from Tarkov | Error checking the launcher update

Escape from Tarkov error checking the launcher update fix

When Escape from Tarkov says there’s an error checking the launcher update, it’s typically due to server outages. The launcher will usually say “error retrieving link to launcher package” as well as “the remote server returned an error.” All of these messages relate to server connectivity issues.

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Unsurprisingly, many players try to check for updates through the launcher only for the process to fail. Again, that’s because there’s a problem preventing the launcher from communicating with game servers.

In most cases, a message saying “error checking the launcher update” appears alongside server outages. Your best bet is to simply wait and try to connect again later. However, in some rare cases, this error may appear when players are using dynamic IP addresses. The common thought is that some IP addresses are blacklisted by Battlestate Games, resulting in connectivity issues.

Switching to a static IP address sometimes seems to fix the problem. However, the process of doing so can be lengthy, and it may be that users reporting success were able to reconnect simply by virtue of trying again later. If you suspect your IP may be blacklisted, you can attempt to connect to the game using a VPN. Assuming that works, your IP address may be the source of the problem.

When Escape from Tarkov reports an error checking the launcher update, you should wait and try launching the game later. As with other game connectivity issues, this problem typically appears alongside unplanned server outages. If it persists, it’s worth checking to see if a VPN will let you connect. Otherwise, you may need to reach out to Battlestate Games support for a fix.