Can you get Netflix Party on iPhone and Android?

Just about any movie or TV show can be enhanced by watching it alongside friends and family. At the moment, with much of the world being under self-quarantine, it’s unfortunately difficult (if not impossible) to do so — without the likes of Netflix Party, that is. This emerging invention allows Netflix users to host long-distance movie nights with a synchronized video stream and live text chat. Can you get and use Netflix Party on iPhone and Android mobile devices, though?

Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix Party iOS and Android support.

Can you get Netflix Party on iPhone?

Netflix Party on iPhone

Netflix Party is currently only available as a plug-in for the Chrome browser on desktop and laptop computers. Unfortunately, this means that you and yours will need to own PCs in order to take advantage of the free service.

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Confirmation comes straight from the Netflix Party website, where a statement reads: “ONLY available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.” The prominent placement of this message might indicate that the development team receives frequent inquiries about whether there’s any support for other platforms; if so, that demand could be a good omen for the prospects of Netflix Party on iPhone in the future.

Can you get Netflix Party on Android?

Netflix Party on iPhone

As you’ve likely already figured out if you read the above information on iPhone, there’s currently no Netflix Party Android functionality. It’s unclear whether or not a Netflix Party app will eventually hit the Google Play Store at the time of writing.

If you’re really eager to watch Netflix with your friends right now, it’s worth noting that it is possible on both iOS and Android by using an app called Rave. Head over to the official website to learn more.