Is the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard worth it?

The 4th Generation iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is an expensive proposition and add on, but is it worth it? In this guide, we’ll let know the answer to “is the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard worth it?” Read on to discover what the Magic Keyboard is, what it offers, and whether or not it’s worth it. Find out everything there is to know about the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard below.

Is the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard worth it?

is the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard worth it

To know whether or not the newly announced iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is worth it, you need to know what it is, what it does, and how much it costs. Let’s get the cost of the keyboard attachment out of the way immediately. The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard costs the following:

  • 2nd Generation iPad Pro 11-inch Magic Keyboard: $299
  • 4th Generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard: $349

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That’s… a lot for what is essentially a glorified keyboard with a mouse tracker pad. For that price, though, you do get what appears to be a very good keyboard attachment for your new iPad Pro, if you can afford it. The full list of specifications for the Magic Keyboard is as follows:

  • Mouse trackpad with multi-touch gestures and a cursor
  • USB-C port for pass-through charging (freeing up iPad Pro ports for other attachments)
  • Front and back protection for your tablet
  • Magnetic attachments
  • Fully adjustable viewing angle (as you can see in the images above)
  • Full-size backlit keys
    • Typing should be quiet and responsive

Based on the specifications of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, it will be the best keyboard attachment money can buy for the iPad Pro. Whether or not the $300-350 asking price is too steep is up to you. You won’t get better than this, but other cheaper alternatives should provide you, at least, with a workable keyboard for your iPad Pro. Ultimately, whether or not the Magic Keyboard is worth it is up to you and your paycheck.