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Doom Eternal unable to find any Battlemode matches fix

The Doom Eternal unable to find any Battlemode match error is annoying since people just want to slay online, be it slaying demons or slaying slayers. But that error is not letting people do that. So how do you fix it? What can you do to find a Battlemode match?

Doom Eternal unable to find any Battlemode matches fix

Doom Eternal unable to find any Battlemode matches fix

This is one error where it might not be your fault. It could be on Bethesda. The servers are being hit pretty hard, making matches hard to find. It’ll tell you that you can’t find any matches, which just isn’t true.

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Although this might have something to do with your settings, too. If you’re choosing either the Slayer or Demon quick play options, trying choosing the other or just the general quick play option. Many people probably want to play as the Slayer since it is familiar to them, which could be clogging up the queue times. That would probably tell the game that there aren’t any matches and was something that happened a lot before the game came out. Eventually, it’ll stop looking and give you the above message. Choosing the general quick play would be your best bet on avoiding this error.

If that doesn’t solve it, then it truly is on Bethesda and could be chalked up to launch time woes or, if you’re reading this further down the line, server maintenance. At least they are dedicated servers.

This isn’t the only online issue. Some players are not getting experience from their matches, which is a true shame. That is also a bummer and will hopefully get ironed out or cleared up sometime down the line. But you can’t get XP if you don’t get into matches in the first place.