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How to fast travel in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal has a lot of sights to see and demons to shred. There are loads of collectibles, too, which makes working back through stages that much more interesting. And, as it happens, the game has a fast travel system to make tracking down secrets even easier. If you’re wondering how to fast travel in Doom Eternal, this guide is just for you.

Doom Eternal | How to fast travel

doom eternal how to fast travel

Fast travel in Doom Eternal will unlock near the end of each level. A notification will pop up stating that you can now fast travel to different locations. From there, you’ll be able to backtrack to several points within that mission. There are two catches, though: You can’t fast travel to other levels, and the option disappears once the level has been beaten.

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It goes without saying that this system feels a little unusual when compared to other games in the genre. With that said, the point is that you still have an opportunity to go back through a level in order to seek out collectibles or other secrets you may have missed. If you consider yourself a completionist, this is your opportunity to shine.

It’s worth remembering that the option to travel to other locations disappears once the level is beaten. In order to transport through different points in the stage again, you’ll have to start it from the beginning and work your way back to the end. This may be a little problematic if you’re trying to reach all collectibles in one run, but it’s not such a big deal when playing missions individually.

The fast travel option in Doom Eternal is meant to help players track down all of the game’s secrets and collectibles. It only works within individual missions, so don’t expect to be able to jump between levels and locations at will. When the notification says fast travel has been unlocked, it’s in your best interest to use it.