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How to get Animal Crossing: New Horizons bamboo trees

Animal Crossing: New Horizons bamboo trees are unique trees that you can have on your deserted island, if you know where to find them. As their name would suggest, bamboo trees offer bamboo cuttings when you chop them down, making them a valuable resource as you progress through the game and unlock different recipes.

However, bamboo trees can’t simply be found on your island. In order to get them, you’re going to need to venture away from your home and to uncharted territories.

Where to find Animal Crossing: New Horizons bamboo trees

animal crossing new horizons bamboo trees

Bamboo trees are going to require you to take a flight away from your home island, as they can only be found on one of the randomly generated islands you’re flown to via Dodo Airlines.

In order to embark on one of these trips to find bamboo, you must do the following:

  1. Go to Resident Services
  2. Buy a Nook Miles Ticket from the ATM
  3. Go to Dodo Airlines
  4. Use the Nook Miles Ticket to fly to another island

Wilbur will then transport you to a randomly generated island, which has the potential to contain bamboo trees and bamboo sprouts.

How to get bamboo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There’s no guarantee that the randomly generated islands will contain bamboo, and there’s no telling if you’ll be taken to one that features the trees. However, visiting the islands using your Nook Miles Ticket is still useful, as you’ll often be taken to a location that contains foreign fruit which you can sell at your store for a premium price.

Islands that contain bamboo trees tend to be smaller in size, and they also feature multiple holes in the ground. Dig these up to obtain bamboo shoots, which can then be planted on your island to grow your own bamboo trees.

Keep a hold of the bamboo sticks you chop from these trees to eventually craft different recipes, including bamboo slides. More bamboo-themed recipes will become available as you play through the game.