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Control Foundation Key | How to destroy the fourth planet

The last Control Foundation key you have to destroy is very difficult. It’s the fourth one so it makes sense but it appears to regenerate as fast as you can shoot it. So how can you destroy the last key in Control‘s Foundation DLC?

Control Foundation Key | How to destroy the fourth planet

Control Foundation Key | How to destroy the fourth planet

The last planet you have to cleanse or destroy is way harder than the first three. You have to destroy all the vines and also regenerate the sunken in parts. But you’ll often not have enough time. It can seem impossible. But there is a way to destroy the corruption on this key.

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First, you should probably use the base Grip pistol and make sure you have some good mods on it. Damage and clip size are good places to start. Then you’ll need to shoot every single vine corruption part a few times until they are all gray and cracked. Do not destroy any of them. Just get them down to their last hit. This should take about three shots, depending on your loadout.

Once you do all of this prep work and weakened every vine, go to the highest point you can, wait for your ammo to refill, and then shoot all of the vines. If you did this correctly, they should have all exploded with one shot. This is probably the most crucial part since reloading takes a lot of time.

Then, quickly start from the top of the globe and restore each piece with your Create skill. There are a handful of them so take note of how many there are. Make sure the sunken in parts are targeted so you restore the right thing. Sometimes it’ll target the vines you just destroyed, which basically ruins your entire run.

Even with these solid tips, this is going to take a few tries. Just be sure to weaken each vine first, then destroy them with one shot, and then restore all of the sunken in parts by carefully targeting them. You can restore the sunken in parts as you destroy the vines too if you’re feeling confident.