Can’t Find Disney Plus on PS4 | Where is the Disney+ app?

If you can’t find Disney Plus on PS4, you’re not alone. Disney+ has gone live today in the U.K., but some are struggling with how to use Disney Plus on PS4. The Disney+ app brings with it a slew of films, TV series, and original shows such as The Mandalorian, with it being touted as the next big streaming app. But how do you get it on PS4?

Disney has now rolled out the app across the U.K., with PS4 being one of the many devices you can use to download it. The app previously launched in the U.S., though has now finally made its way to other regions for worldwide audiences to watch its library of shows. Sony’s console is one of the many ways you can access it, so here’s how to download Disney Plus on PS4:

How to get Disney Plus on PS4

cant find disney plus on ps4

Disney Plus will appear on your PS4 via the PlayStation Store. To access it, simply head over to the PS Store on your console’s dashboard, then navigate to the ‘Disney+’ tab. You should then see the option to download the app.

Unfortunately, you can’t sign up for Disney Plus using your PS4. You’ll instead need to navigate over to the Disney Plus site here and fill in your details along with your payment options.

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You can register an account on PS4, with you being sent a one-time verification code to your email address. You’ll use this to create a username and password, though all payment information must be entered on the site.

After you have registered for Disney Plus, you can access it from your PS4 library. To find the Disney Plus app on PS4, do the following:

  1. Go to your PS4 Library
  2. Go to applications
  3. Select Disney+

When you have followed these steps, you’ll be able to use Disney Plus on your PS4.