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Rocket League Rocket Pass 7 Start Time | When is the release date?

Now that Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 is upon us, plenty of you will already be asking “when is the Rocket League Rocket Pass 7 start time?” In this guide, we’ll let you in on when the Rocket Pass 7 release date should be, using what we know about the end date of Rocket Pass 6. Read on to find out the start date and time of Rocket Pass 7 in Rocket League.

When is the Rocket League Rocket Pass 7 Start Time?

Rocket League Rocket Pass 7 start time

Based on what we know about when Rocket Pass 6 is set to end, we think the Rocket League Rocket Pass 7 start time should be on or around July 15, 2020. In our guide on the Rocket Pass 6 end date, we noted that the current Rocket Pass should end on or around July 15, given how that date was initially provided on the official Rocket League website, before being removed.

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Typically speaking, a new Rocket Pass tends to begin on the same day (a couple or a few hours later) as the previous one comes to an end. It can, however, take a day or two. This means that Rocket Pass 7 will likely begin the same day as Rocket Pass 6 comes to an end. Given how we believe this will be on or around July 15, 2020 (see the reasons above), it’s relatively safe for you to pencil in the date as the beginning of Rocket Pass 7.

Unfortunately, without official word from Psyonix, we cannot confirm July 15 as the start date of Rocket Pass 7. For now, it’s a guess based on since-removed information from the Rocket League website. We’ll update this guide with the correct date if we need to. As of writing, you have a good while left to play through Rocket Pass 6. It’s time to complete those challenges and rise through the Tiers. Now get out there and start winning some matches.