Is Netflix down? | Error NSES-500 fix

Netflix is down for many users across the US. Some users are reporting a Netflix Error NSES-500 when trying to access the site. Fortunately, Netflix is aware of the situation and is working towards fixing the issues with its servers.

For now, it seems like only the US is affected by the Netflix outage. I’ve confirmed with my colleagues from the UK that their service is working as usual.

Given the current situation around the globe, it’s possible increased traffic has caused Netflix to go down temporarily. With quarantining, both self-imposed and government-ordered, in effect, many are turning to streaming to keep themselves entertained. The strain may be a bit too much if it’s unprepared.

What to do if Netflix is down with Error NSES-500

Unfortunately, the Netflix Help Center doesn’t have Error NSES-500 listed. More than likely, if you’re currently getting this message when trying to log in or stream, the issue is on Netflix’s end.

However, if you’re getting an Error NSES-500 and want to make sure the problem isn’t with your equipment, try the following:

  • Reset your router and modem.
  • Reset the device you’re trying to stream on.
  • Ensure that other streaming sites are working (YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc.)

If you follow the above steps and find other sites are working fine, the problem is likely on Netflix’s end. The best fix for Error NSES-500 is patience. Keep an eye on the customer support Twitter for updates on the situation.

However, do note because of the ongoing global situation that Netflix is currently fielding more support issues than usual. So, it may take some time for its customer support team to give updates on the situation. If your outage persists and you don’t see a spike of issues on DownDetector or the CS Twitter, consider contacting Netflix through the Help Center or live chat.