Is Houseparty hacking me? | How to delete Houseparty account

Some users of the social app Houseparty are reporting that their Spotify, bank and other accounts are being hacked. These users are encouraging others to delete their Houseparty accounts. However, the developers of Houseparty have stated that the service has never been compromised and that the app is secure and doesn’t collect any passwords for any other services.

Can Houseparty hack your accounts?

The big takeaway from the users reporting hacked accounts on Twitter is that there’s no evidence their accounts were compromised through Houseparty. I’ve read hundreds of tweets trying to figure out why people think Houseparty is the source of these hacks, but I’ve found no compelling evidence that the app has been compromised.


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Houseparty is owned by Epic Games, the same company that developed Fortnite and Unreal Engine. I find it doubtful that such a widescale malicious assault could occur without the company realizing it and taking action. More than likely, this is a result of current events. More people using the internet more often means more cybercrime and more demand for compromised accounts. Individuals thinking Houseparty is the reason for their accounts being hacked seems more like confirmation bias than anything.

How to delete your Houseparty account

Deleting your Houseparty account is actually kind of confusing. The app doesn’t have the best interface ever, and it’s not easy to find the menu you need to delete your account.

How to delete your Houseparty account on iOS

Houseparty delete account iOS 6

Click on the smiley face in the upper left corner of the screen.

Houseparty delete account iOS 5

Tap on the red gear in the upper left corner of your friends list.

Houseparty delete account iOS 4

Open the privacy menu.

Houseparty delete account iOS 2

Tap Delete Account.

Houseparty delete account iOS 1

Tap “Yes,” and then enter your password to delete your account.

How to delete your Houseparty account on Android

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to delete your Houseparty account on Android. Instead, you’ll need to email [email protected] and request the account be removed.

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