doom eternal third person view mode camera perspective

Does Doom Eternal have third-person view?

Doom Eternal is full of blood-soaked, gib-splattering action. Even better, it’s presented in first-person view, so you really feel like you’re the one getting your hands dirty. But what if you wanted to see ol’ Doomguy slaughter demons from a distance? Does Doom Eternal have a third-person view, or any way to select a third-person camera?

Does Doom Eternal have a third-person camera view?

doom eternal third person view mode camera perspective

Doom Eternal does not feature a third-person camera view. As with the other Doom games we know and love, Eternal is built around a first-person view. With that said, it is possible for PC players to change the camera to a third-person perspective through the use of unofficial modifications.

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We’ll say it again: Doom Eternal was designed with a first-person perspective in mind. However, it is technically possible to play the game on PC using a third-person view. Apparently this feature was hidden within the game’s code, and was just recently discovered by data miners. And yes, it is very bizarre to see Doom Eternal played from this viewpoint.

It’s only possible to unlock this perspective by using third-party modifications. One of the more popular methods involves using Cheat Engine combined with a custom table file. After following the correct steps, the camera perspective can then be manipulated through the in-game console. To see the third-person view in action, check out this video uploaded to YouTube by GamePlay Store:

In a word, it’s dizzying. But the altered perspective does highlight how much of the game’s action takes place just outside of the normal first-person perspective. Enemies are always approaching, explosions are streaking over wide areas, and the Doom Slayer himself clearly moves at lightning speed.

Doom Eternal does not have an official third-person view. It was always meant to be played with a first-person perspective. Still, if you’re determined enough, it is possible to play the game from a different perspective using PC modifications. Just be sure to do it soon, as this feature could be removed in a future patch.

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