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Resident Evil 3 Remake Grenade Launcher Location and Ammo Recipes

The grenade launcher returns in Resident Evil 3 remake as a versatile and powerful weapon. Unfortunately, the location of the grenade launcher is entirely missable, and skipping the gun can cause some major pain for you.

We’ll show you where to get the grenade launcher in Resident Evil 3 remake below. We’ll also go into detail on all four grenade round types, explosive, flame, acid, and mine, and when you should use them.

Where is the grenade launcher in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Grenade Launcher Location Map

You’ll find the grenade launcher in the sewers. When you head south shortly after arriving in the area, you’ll come to a fork in your path.

If you keep going south in the sewers, you’ll come to an office. Inside the office, sitting on a metal cart is the grenade launcher.

The in-game description for the MGL Grenade Launcher is:

“Semi-auto grenade launcher prototype capable of firing many types of rounds. It takes a while to reload, but boasts strong damage output.”

Unfortunately, RE3 remake’s grenade launcher isn’t like RE2 remake’s, where you can just throw as many rounds as you have onto the gun. Instead, the MGL has a six-round magazine with a relatively long reload time. Its semi-auto mechanism is also broken, so Jill has to rotate the cylinder after each shot manually. As a result, the grenade launcher can cause massive per-shot damage, but it leaves you open to attack after each blast and during reloads.

It’s possible the grenade launcher might pop up again later if you skip it like in Resident Evil 2 remake. However, it’s such an essential weapon that I haven’t left it behind to check if that’s the case yet.

Resident Evil 3 remake grenade round recipes

In RE3 remake you can get Explosive Powder A and Explosive Powder B. By mixing these you can make three types of grenade rounds, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Explosive Powder A + Explosive Powder A = Explosive Rounds
  • Explosive Powder A + Explosive Powder B = Flame Rounds
  • Explosive Powder B + Explosive Powder B = Acid Rounds

Note, you can’t craft Mine Rounds. The small cache you get right before and during the Clock Tower fight is all there is in the game.

Resident Evil 3 remake Explosive Rounds

Resident Evil 3 Remake Explosive Grenade Rounds

  • Recipe: Explosive Powder A + Explosive Powder A
  • Description: The explosives inside detonate on impact dealing major damage.

Explosive Rounds are great all-around ammo. They cause all their damage at once, and no enemy is particularly strong against them. However, because they lack any unique properties (other than some splash damage), you’re usually better off using your Explosive Powder A to craft Flame Rounds.

The place where Explosive Rounds really shine is during the third Nemesis fight in the disposal pit in NEST 2. Hitting him with these rounds will stagger him, and if you keep the tempo up, you can quickly get through the first phase of the battle without him even moving too far from his starting spot.

Resident Evil 3 remake Flame Rounds

Resident Evil 3 Remake Flame Grenade Rounds

  • Recipe: Explosive Powder A + Explosive Powder B
  • Description: The napalm inside ignites on impact, setting the surrounding area on fire.

Flame Rounds cause damage on impact, but their real strength comes from their ability to set enemies on fire. In particular, the Hunter Gammas are extremely weak to fire, and one Flame Round can do the work of multiple handgun or shotgun magazines. These are also decent against Pale Heads as they set them on fire and cause damage over time, which overloads their ability to regenerate.

Flame Rounds also work great against Nemesis in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th fights with him. They cause the same stagger effect as Explosive Rounds do.

Resident Evil 3 remake Acid Rounds

Resident Evil 3 Remake Acid Grenade Rounds

  • Recipe: Explosive Powder B + Explosive Powder B
  • Description: The capsule breaks on impact, soaking the surrounding area with acid.

You only find Acid Rounds in one location in the game, so you don’t get much of a chance to use them unless you craft them yourself. They’re probably pretty good against Pale Heads and possibly Hunter Betas, but I haven’t experimented with them much. They don’t stagger Nemesis as Explosive, and Flame Rounds do, so I never had much interest in using them.

Resident Evil 3 remake Mine Rounds

Resident Evil 3 Remake Mine Grenade Rounds

  • Recipe: None
  • Description: Flies to its target using its own propulsion system. Detonates after a short period of time or if approached.

Like in the original Resident Evil 3, Mine Rounds are a bit of a gimmick. Unlike other grenade ammo, they fire out like a rocket and attach to a surface. They’re great to use against Nemesis during the second and third fights when he runs around the area. When he hits one, it’ll blast him off the wall, which will stun him. When that happens, you can unload on him with your other grenade types.

Other than the Nemesis fights, Mine Rounds aren’t too useful. They’re decent against Pale Heads, Hunter Betas, or groups of zombies in a pinch. However, you can’t craft them, so you’re better off just using them against Nemmy.