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Escape from Tarkov | How to upgrade edition

There are several different editions of Escape from Tarkov available to purchase. If you just want to play the game, the standard edition is the most economical choice. But what if you decide you want the extra bonuses later? Can you upgrade your edition of Escape from Tarkov? Is it possible to change between editions, even if you pay?

How to upgrade Escape from Tarkov edition

Escape from Tarkov upgrade edition how to

If you want to upgrade your edition of Escape from Tarkov, the news is good: Upgrades are possible. You’ll have to pay the difference between the two versions, of course. Otherwise, all you need to do is select the edition you’d like to buy from the official website.

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The process here is very straightforward. In order to upgrade your Escape from Tarkov bundle, first log in to the game’s official website. Once logged in, head to the game’s preorder page and browse the available options. Instead of buying a new version of the game, you’ll see a list of upgrade packages. Click on the edition you’d like, then follow the steps to complete the purchase of the upgrade.

Some users have reported that upgrading their version of Escape from Tarkov required an account reset. Fortunately, that no longer appears to be the case with newer versions of the game. With that said, it’s possible that you may not find your bonus items until your account has been reset. If things don’t appear as expected, it’s worth sending a message to Battlestate Games support.

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade your Escape from Tarkov edition. Once logged into the website, you’ll be able to browse between any of the available upgrade packages. You’ll still need to pay the difference between your old and new versions, but you won’t miss out on any of the bonus items available in higher-tier bundles.