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Resident Evil 3 Remake Cut Enemies | Are the Gravedigger, spiders, and crows in the game?

As a reimagining, it’s no surprise that Resident Evil 3 remake cut some enemies. With the cuts made in Resident Evil 2 remake, fans have been wondering whether the Gravedigger, spiders, and crows made it into RE3 remake. After all, none of the trailers or promo shots have shown those iconic enemies pre-release. Additionally, there’s been some confusion on what form Drain Deimos and Brain Suckers are taking on in the remake.

Fortunately, we’ve played through RE3 remake multiple times, and we’ve put together everything you need to know about cut enemies in Resident Evil 3 remake.

Warning: Spoilers below.

Was the Grave Digger cut from Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cut Grave digger

In the original Resident Evil 3, the Grave Digger tried to obstruct Jill in two critical sections of the game. This mutated worm had the honor of being the only other boss fight in the game besides Nemesis. It gobbled up players by the hundreds in the park just before the last section of RE3 and is much reviled as a run-killer by speedrunners.

However, the Grave Digger had very little to do with the story, which makes it no surprise that it was cut in Resident Evil 3 remake. The Grave Digger’s main haunt, the park, was reduced in size significantly, and the revamped Hunter Gammas mostly fill its role of having a big, nasty mouth that can swallow you in one gulp.

Were crows and spiders cut from Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cut Crows Spiders

Like Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 featured spiders and crows briefly. Also, like RE2 remake, RE3 remake has cut these enemies. I’m not sure why so many fans miss these creatures. I always found them annoying. However, the same group who were upset with RE2 remake over cut enemies will find the same issues with this game.

There aren’t many animal-like enemies that you face in Resident Evil 3 remake. The dogs make a few appearances, but for the most part, you’re taking on zombies, Hunters, and Nemesis. I personally think the revamped Hunter Betas and Gammas do a great job of making up for the minor enemies cut from the game, but some will continue to yearn for the crows and spiders.

Are Drain Deimos and Brain Suckers in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cut Drain Deimos Brain Sucker

Drain Deimos, and their slightly stronger and poisonous cousins, Brain Suckers, appeared in the downtown and Dead Factory areas of the original Resident Evil 3 respectively. These mutated insects were agile, traveled in groups, and had the ability to attack from ceilings, walls, and the ground. Not only could they be lethal, but they were also some of the creepier monsters in the game, getting sustenance from spinal fluid and human brains.

The Drain Deimos and Brain Suckers have actually had a bit of an upgrade in Resident Evil 3 remake. The creatures have been combined into one new monster that makes a giant nest in the power substation by the droves. The Drain Deimos also bring a brand new status effect to the series: “Parasite.” These little suckers will plant an embryo in Jill if they get ahold of her, which will drain her health steadily until you use a healing item to poison it. Once you’ve healed, Jill will vomit the parasite out. Yuck!

Unfortunately, the power substation is the only location where these new versions of the Drain Deimos are used. It would have been cool to see them pop up again from time to time, but I guess they don’t stray too far from the nest.

Were any enemies added to Resident Evil 3 remake?

In addition to new forms for Nemesis, two enemies are in Resident Evil 3 remake that weren’t in the original:

  • Lickers
  • Pale Head Zombies

These two enemy types look and behave as they did in Resident Evil 2 remake, but they fit into the locations they’re in well.