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How to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3 remake

Learning how to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3 remake can help you avoid damage and quickly counter enemy attacks. Jill and Carlos have too different types of dodges that you’ll have to master, especially if you want to get through the harder difficulties alive.

Pulling off a perfect dodge in RE3 remake isn’t easy. You have to observe your enemy and hit the button within a tiny window to execute it properly. This is easier said than done when you have multiple undead trying to make you into a snack.

How to dodge in Resident Evil 3 remake

One of the significant additions RE3 remake brings compared to RE2 remake is the dodge. This move, which was also in the original version of the game, allows you to react to enemy attacks quickly and either slip away from them or interrupt them.

Both Jill and Carlos have their own version of the dodge. Of the two, Jill’s is the most like an actual dodge. When you hit R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox One), Jill will quickly step in the direction you’re holding the left analog stick. This lets you scramble away from a lunging zombie or under a flying fist from Nemesis.

Carlos is a bit more aggressive with his dodge, which can make it harder to use. When you press the dodge button, he performs a charge in the direction of your choice. This charge can stumble an enemy and interrupt its attack, but if you don’t time it right, you can just propel yourself into further danger.

How to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3 remake

A perfect dodge allows you to avoid damage altogether while allowing you to immediately auto-aim at an enemy’s weak spot in slow-mo. This move can make you into a powerhouse and is essential if you’re looking to get S rank on higher difficulties.

When Jill performs a perfect dodge, she’ll get the slow-mo and auto-aim. However, Carlos goes one step further. When you pull off a perfect dodge with him, he’ll do his shove then follow it up with a punch. This does a great job of pushing enemies out of the way, so instead of following up with an attack, you might want to use it to daze them and slip by, saving ammo.

However, it’s not easy to pull off perfect dodges in RE3 remake. You have to tap the dodge button at the exact right moment, and it’s different for each enemy. As a rule, you want to tap dodge right as an enemy starts their attack.

Here are some examples of when you should try a perfect dodge:

  • Zombies: Right as they begin their lunge.
  • Parasite Zombies: As the tentacle whips back in preparation to hit you.
  • Nemesis: Dodge as he draws back to punch.
  • Dogs: Hit the button as they lean down to jump.
  • Hunter Betas: Dodge as they begin drawing back their claw to leap.
  • Licker: Hit the button as they begin their leap.

Note that learning how to perfect dodge takes a lot of practice. Each attack from each enemy has a different window. However, you can increase this window by purchasing the STARS Survival Manual from the shop and keeping it in your inventory. It’s still tricky, even with this item, but it’s a bit easier.

Additionally, there may be some enemy attacks that are unavoidable. For example, the instant kill from the Hunter Gamma seems hard, if not impossible to dodge. However, this may be because the environments you face them in are pretty close in.