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How to kill Hunters in Resident Evil 3 remake

Resident Evil 3 remake introduces redesigns of the Hunter Beta and Hunter Gamma. These creatures are fierce, and both types of Hunters can kill you in one hit under certain conditions. They both also have weapon points which you’ll have to exploit to kill them if you don’t want to use up all your ammo.

We’ll go into detail on how to kill Hunters in Resident Evil 3 remake, whether they’re of the Beta or Gamma variety. We’ll be giving you strategies that work during any part of the game, as you’ll be facing these monsters several times during your journey.

How do you beat Hunter Gamma in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hunter Gamma

You’ll first meet the Hunter Gamma in the sewers of Raccoon City. These little cuties will slither out of pipes and block your path. They’re not very fast, but they have thick skin, and if they do reach you, their attack is devastating.

When a Hunter Gamma gets close enough to Jill, it’ll peel open its mouth. The mouth is its weak spot, but it’s also the Hunter’s main weapon. You can’t let it get within reach of you, or it’ll gulp you down in one bite, which is an instant death.

When you take on a Hunter Gamma for the first time, your best bet is to wait until its mouth opens and toss a grenade at it. The pistol is pretty much worthless against it unless you continuously retreat while fighting, and the shotgun doesn’t cause a ton of damage either.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hunter Gamma Mouth Open

Not too long after you see your first Hunter Gamma, you’ll find the grenade launcher. Flame Rounds are the best thing to use against the Hunter Gamma, and if you hit them with one while their mouth is open, you’ll usually get a one-hit kill.

If you have to take a Hunter Gamma on without any grenades, just use your most powerful weapon against it while its mouth is open. Just make sure to keep backing up to keep it from performing its instant kill attack.

How to beat Hunter Betas in Resident Evil 3 remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake How to Kill Hunters

You’ll encounter your first Hunter Beta right after getting the staff ID in the hospital. Unfortunately, Carlos’s arsenal isn’t all that effective against these Hunters. These creatures have tough skin, especially around their weak spot, the head.

Like the Hunter Gamma, the Hunter Beta has an instant kill attack. When they get close enough to you, they’ll do a leaping slash that will cut through your neck, killing you. You may have to be in caution status before they perform this attack, but I’m pretty sure they’ve done it while I was at full health before.

If you blast their head with enough firepower, their armor will break off, and you can get to the soft flesh underneath. The assault rifle, which will be your primary weapon when you first meet them, isn’t ideal for fighting a Hunter. Instead, use hand grenades against the two in the Treatment Room you have to kill to get the tape. Avoid all the others you can, and continue to use hand grenades when you get in a tight spot. If you run out of hand grenades, Hunters can be stunned by flash grenades, which should give you enough time to either run or pour some rounds into them.

Jill, on the other hand, has weapons that can make quick work of Hunter Betas. The shotgun is excellent at blasting their head armor off and stunning them. The grenade launcher and magnum are also highly effective against Hunter Betas. By the end of the game, you should have enough ammo for your heavy weapons that Hunter Betas are more of a nuisance than a genuine threat.