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Resident Evil 3 Remake RPD Locker Codes | Shower Room and 3F combinations

So you’re back in the RPD as Carlos, making your way through the police station and fighting zombies as you go. Unfortunately, there are other enemies lurking in the darkness: Resident Evil 3 remake RPD locker codes. Thankfully, we’re here with a shortcut on how to open the Shower Room and 3F lockers. Simply enter these combinations to open each locker and get the goodies hidden within. Here are both RE3 remake RPD locker codes.

Resident Evil 3 remake Shower Room locker code

Resident Evil 3 remake Shower Room locker code

The Shower Room locker code is CAP. Simply rotate the letters to match CAP and the 2F locker will spring open allowing you to take the loot from inside.

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You aren’t required to find the letters yourself, but if you do want to track them down while you’re journeying through the RPD, heading to the office south of the Operations Room. The code is on a whiteboard under the words “Locker Room.”

Resident Evil 3 remake 3F locker code

Resident Evil 3 remake Shower Room locker code

The 3F locker code is DCM. Again, rotate the letters to match DCM and you’ll be able to open the locker and claim the prize inside.

Though not required, if you want to find the code for yourself, head to the 1F Safety Deposit room and look to the right as you enter. You’ll find the code there.

Of course, if you’ve already played through the Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll have already collected these codes. They are the exact same as in that game, though the location of DCM is a little different.

It’s possible to go through the RPD and miss these lockers and the items within, so make sure you open them before triggering the next part of the story in the S.T.A.R.S. room.

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