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Doom Eternal Black Flickering | How to fix

A new issue is preventing players from properly enjoying the carnage of Doom Eternal. The so-called black flickering bug results in a disorienting experience on users with specific PC hardware. If your version of Doom Eternal has screen flickering, here’s what you can do to fix the problem.

Doom Eternal | How to fix black screen flickering

Doom Eternal black flickering screen how to fix

Black flickering or screen flickering in Doom Eternal is typically caused by graphics settings or GPU driver issues. The problem most commonly appears on machines with Nvidia GTX 10-series video cards running the latest drivers. However, some players may see this issue when using V-sync or full-screen graphics.

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There are two possible ways to fix black flickering in Doom Eternal. The first is also the easiest: Check your graphics settings. Many players have found that disabling V-sync fixes the issue, while others have reported success by running the game in windowed mode.

By and large, however, the largest amount of reports stem from users with up-to-date video card drivers. It’s a frustrating problem, since keeping on top of new drivers is the PC gamer modus operandi. Still, flickering seems to appear with specific Nvidia GPUs, namely the GTX 10- series graphics cards.

The issue with Nvidia cards has become widespread enough to garner a post on the Nvidia GeForce forums. There, users state that running the latest 445.75 drivers is the cause of the problem. Nearly all users have reported success by rolling back to older drivers, specifically 442.74 — the very same drivers that were released on the Doom Eternal launch day.

If Doom Eternal black flickering has you down, you should check your GPU driver version. The latest Nvidia driver version 445.75 seems to be causing this problem, and rolling back to older versions fixes it. You may be able to prevent it by disabling V-sync or full-screen graphics, but rolling back GPU drivers seem to be the only foolproof fix.