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Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Codes and Locker Combos Guide

The Resident Evil 3 remake safe codes can be hard to come by. There are two in the game: one in the RPD West Office and one in the Nurses’ station. But if you don’t want to look around, you can check out the Resident Evil 3 remake safe combinations down below. These codes work on every difficulty and are not randomized like you might think, given RE3‘s nature for randomization on the PS1.

Resident Evil 3 Hospital Safe Code | Nurses’ Station Safe Combination

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hospital Safe Code

If you want to check out the full rundown of the Nurses’ station safe code in RE3, you can read our full guide on it here. That gives you an extensive rundown on everything related to that safe if you want. However, if you just want the safe code, you can just punch in the following:

  • Left 9
  • Right 3

This will open up the safe and give you an assault rifle upgrade. That seems rather handy for all the hordes of zombies you need to shoot.

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Resident Evil 3 RPD Safe Code | West Office Safe Combination

Resident Evil 3 Remake West office Safe Code

The second — and final — Resident Evil 3 safe combination is in the RPD as is the safe it belongs to. And like the last safe, you can read a lot more about it here in our detailed guide on the subject. The RPD safe combination is:

  • 9 Left
  • 15 Right
  • 7 Left

This will open up that bad boy and give you a much-needed item: a side pack. This means that you can now hold more stuff in your inventory, which is very handy even if this game is less about inventory management.

These are all the safes in the game, which is surprising, given how many were in the Resident Evil 2 remake. The game is more of an action game, after all, so it does make some sense. Regardless, you won’t have to search around for any RE3 safe combos after you crack these two.