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Is there a Valorant error code 46 fix?

The Valorant closed beta is now live and, as you might expect, developer Riot Games (League of Legends) is encountering some initial teething problems. One of the most prominent issues is the in-game error 46 message, which is preventing people from playing and enjoying the competitive FPS in any capacity. With the game being inaccessible while the error occurs, is there a Valorant error code 46 fix that’ll let you get back to playing?

Stick with this guide to learn what Valorant error 46 means and if there’s anything you can do to combat it from your PC.

Is there a Valorant error 46 fix?

Valorant error code 46 fix

Valorant looks to be an enticing mix of Overwatch and Counter-Strike, making it a perfect candidate to really take off as the next big esports game — especially with the backing of LoL developer Riot. Before it has any chance of getting to that stage, however, players need to be able to go hands-on without their experience being hampered by the dreaded error code 46.

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Valorant error code 46 indicates that the game has intentionally been taken down by Riot Games to perform necessary maintenance, so isn’t anything to worry about on your end. That being said, some people are getting the message pop-up while other players are online with normal service.

If that’s the case, then try the following:

Valorant error code 46 fix

  1. Kill the Valorant application on your PC.
  2. Close the Valorant launcher.
  3. Launch the game and try connecting again.
  4. If error 46 persists, repeat steps one and two.
  5. Restart your PC.
  6. Launch the game and try connecting again.

If you still have no luck after that, then we’d recommend stepping away from the game and coming back later instead of repeating the process over and over. The tweet below indicates that doing so could be detrimental or even the cause of some Valorant errors.