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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Missing Odd Jobs | 24/26 Side Quests

Once you’ve beaten Final Fantasy 7 Remake and gain access to the play log, you’ll likely notice that you’ve only completed 24 out of 26 odd jobs. You might be wondering how you’ve missed two side quests along the way. After all, you explored the game thoroughly, right?

If you’ve beaten FF7 Remake and only have 24/26 side quests completed, I feel your pain. I was in the same predicament, and it took me a while to figure out where the last two odd jobs are. Considering that you need to complete all side quests to get the Best in the Business trophy, it can be frustrating not to get any clues to which ones you’re missing.

Where are the missing side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Missing Side Quest Play Log


If you’ve completed FF7 Remake and you’re sitting at 24/26 odd jobs completed, I know exactly which ones you’re missing. There are two quests you’re forced to miss during your first playthrough of the game. These are located in Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps.

Depending on which choices you make in Chapter 9, you’ll get one of two sets of odd jobs after completing the colosseum. When you complete the game, you must return to Chapter 9 and pick up the other two side quests if you want to get the Best in the Business trophy.

The quests you’re missing are either:

  • “The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack”
  • “The Party Never Stops” and “A Dynamite Body”

To obtain these quests, you need to get either Chocobo Sam’s requests or Madame M’s requests. Only one person will give you their requests per playthrough, and this is dependant on one choice you make during Chapter 9.

What side quests you get in Chapter 9 depends on what choice you make during Chocobo Sam’s coin toss:

  • Choose heads or tails: Chocobo Sam’s requests (“The Party Never Stops” and “A Dynamite Body”)
  • Choose “No deal”: Madame M’s requests (“The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack”)

After the coin toss, play the chapter as usual until after the colosseum. When you return to Madame M’s, she’ll either give you her requests or tell you to stop by Sam’s. After that, you’ll have access to the first side quest you’re missing. Complete that one, and you’ll unlock the second.