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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mature, Sporty, or Exotic | What should I tell Tifa to wear in Chapter 3?

In Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Tifa asks you what she should wear. There are three answers to the question she poses, “I wonder what would suit me?” These are: “Mature,” “Sporty,” or “Exotic.” The effects of your decision here aren’t immediate, but they do impact the game.

There isn’t a wrong answer when Tifa asks what suits her in FF7 Remake. However, the game doesn’t make it apparent what the effect of your reply is at any point. You might go the whole game wondering whether it made a difference or not. Alternatively, if you don’t meet the right requirements, you may not even see the scene where Tifa asks you what she should wear at all.

What should I pick when Tifa asks me what suits her in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mature Sporty Exotic Tifa Question

Well, before you can even answer Tifa’s question, you have to make sure she asks it. To get the scene where she asks you what she should wear, you have to complete all six side quests in Chapter 3. When you do, you’ll get a bonus scene when you return to Cloud’s apartment after fighting Don Corneo’s thugs.

During the scene with Tifa says, “I wonder what would suit me?” You have three choices here:

  • Something mature.
  • Something…sporty?
  • Something exotic?

There’s no wrong answer here, but your choice does come into play later in the game in Chapter 9. In Chapter 9, you’ll find yourself in Wall Market trying to save Tifa from the clutches of Don Corneo. What dress she wears there depends on which answer you chose in Chapter 3:

  • Didn’t see the scene or “Something mature.”: Classic purple dress.
  • Something…sporty?: A leopard-print Chinese-style dress.
  • Something exotic?: A kimono.

So, just pick whichever choice that will put Tifa in the outfit you want to see her in. If you’re going to get all the trophies, you’ll eventually have to select all three, anyway.