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Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake open-world or linear?

While the original game was fairly linear, fans are wondering if Final Fantasy 7 Remake is open-world. For large RPGs, the open-world format is the standard format now, and players are used to being able to explore at their leisure. So, has this reimagining of FF7 moved to a more open format, or does it retain the linear storyline of the original?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake open-world or linear?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake Open World

For the most part, Final Fantasy 7 Remake retains its predecessor’s linear format. This is a very story-driven game, and it keeps pushing you forward. The pace is similar to the original game’s trip through Midgar, albeit much expanded. It keeps you on track, and fans of games like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim might find FF7 Remake a bit constricted.

However, FF7 Remake does have several more open sections in which you’re free to take on side quests and explore. You won’t suddenly find that Midgar has completely opened up, but you’ll be able to roam a large area to your heart’s content, and you’ll get to choose when to continue the main quest. The game never opens up to the point where you lose a sense of urgency, but it does allow you to get to know the people and places of Midgar better.

It’s likely that the second episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will offer a more open-world feel. Midgar is a relatively closed-in area by design, but in the original the world opens up considerably after you leave. Square Enix hasn’t revealed if they’ll be using a world map like in the original FF7, or if it’ll be more like Final Fantasy 15 with a more expansive overworld between locations. Regardless, you should have the freedom to travel at your leisure, especially after acquiring vehicles like the buggy, Tiny Bronco, and Highwind.